IQ1RY Contest Station

IQ1RY radio station grew up slowly in the years, thank to the availability and to the work of few members of our club, really keen on HF. But also, thanks to the patience of our "landlords", the group of civil protection volounteers, who always tollerate our incursions on the roof or in their field near by.

Today, we have to HF stations always available, which can be used for HF activity in the evening when the club is open, or during contests, with very few adaptations required based on the entry category selected. The two stations includes an IC756-PROIII and a FT-1000 MARK-V connected to two amplifiers on loand from two of our members. Two other temporary stations can be added, in case of contests where several operators will be available, to operate in in Multi-Multi or Multi-2 with co-runner station. Thanks to the system of filters and switches built up for the major part by Flavio IK1RQT, the configuration of the statio is really flexible and bands / antenna selection are now almost automatic, even if we had our problems at the very beginning (a couple of front-end damaged and amplifiers almost exploded).

Our HF station

The antenna system is composed by a 16 elements yagi for 10-15-20m (8el in 10m, 4el in 15 and 4el in 20m), a two elements for 40m, 3 inverted V dipols for 40m, 80m e 160m, one loop for 80m - all on the first tower - and by a 3 elements quad for 10-15-20m - and the second tower.

Our HF antennas


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