The Italian Radioamateur Association A.R.I.

The Italian Radioamateur Association was founded in 1927 by Ernesto Montù, pioneer among radioamateurs. The A.R.I. is the reference point for peoples keen on radio communications, it is the interface point between radioamateurs and public administration, and it promotes the development of radio activity in accordance to the principles defined by ITU.

The association is organised in several sections all over the Italy (in the Cuneo province there are six of them in Cuneo, Alba, Bra, Ceva, Mondovì and Saluzzo) coordinated at Piemonte region level by an executive board nominated every three years.

The official magazine of the A.R.I. is Radio Rivista, a monthly publication realised with articles and technical report written by radioamateurs, members of the association.

The radioamateur activity, beside being an hobby for most of us, has also an important social function. For more than 50 years the radioamateur service has been a source of skilled and experienced peoples in the radiocommunications tecniques. This expertise has been very useful several times as a support in emergency situations, like earthquakes and floodings, when the usual communication networks (telephones and mobile telephones) fail. The high diffusion of radioamateurs over the national territory and their spirit of invention, in particular in unfavourable conditions (as it could be the lack of electricity), allowed the public administration to rely on good alternative communication means in emergency conditons.

The collaboration between radioamateurs and rescue forces is foreseen by law in the Art. 11 of D.P.R. n.1214 dated 5/8/66, that together with the D.P.R. n.156 dated 29/3/73 controls the Amateur Service in Italy. Furthermore, the A.R.I. is formally recognised by the Civil Protection department of the Ministry of the Interior, as an association belonging to the national Committee of Civil Protection Voluntary Service. (Gazz: Uff. 196 del 21/08/1993).

For further information you can contact:

Segreteria Generale dell' A.R.I.

Via D. Scarlatti 30

20124 Milano - tel 02/6692192


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