The A.R.I. section of Bra

The Italian Radioamateur Association (A.R.I.) is organised in several sections all over the Italy.
Even in Bra is located one of these groups, which has been founded in 1973 by I1BMI, Benedicti Michele, one of the first radioamateur in Bra and in the Cuneo province.
Since its foundation, our office has changed several locations. First, it was hosted in a room in via Mendicità, then it moved in a room on the last floor of "Palazzo Mattis" an historic building located in front of the town hall. In 1990 the Bra council gave us hospitality and we were firstly hosted in a room of the "centro polifunzionale Giovanni Arpino", and then we moved in July 2001 in a new site, located in a classroom of a local high school, in Vicolo Fossaretto.
Now we are hosted in a room inside the building of the local group of civil protection volunteers in via E. Milano 16 where you can find us the first and third Friday of each month starting from 9 PM.

Our postal address is: via E. Milano 16 - 12042 Bra (Cuneo).

In case you are passing near Bra, we are always QRV in phone FM at 145.250 MHz.

The old sites in Via Guala and Vicolo Fossaretto, and the new one in Via E.Milano

The section of Bra has about 40 associated, coming from Bra and surronding towns such as Savigliano, Fossano and Carmagnola. It is also a meeting point for other radioamateurs, who already have a licence but that have not yet joint the A.R.I., or which are still waiting for the licence.

The most important radioamateur's activity is the experimantation of communication systems, with the only objective of personal instruction. At this purpose, we have available in our premises a radio station allowing whoever has a licence to operate on all frequency bands at our disposition (HF, VHF e UHF) in several modes of transmission, as well as an ATV (Amateur Television) station. We had also set-up a small laboratory allowing doing tests and simple repair (our equipment is available for loan to whoever needs it).

Probably the most important activity, but fortunately the less practised, of our group is the CIVIL PROTECTION service, which was demontsrated to be very useful during the flooding in November 1994. In order to keep our self trained, we partecipate to periodic exercise or we provide our radio support to several sportive events, which is mandatory in order to keep contacts between organizer and rescue means (police, red-cross, doctor, etc.).


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